Course CodeCourse TitleName
HSCI1005Organic ChemistryZHANG QINGWEN
HSCI3015PhytochemistryZHANG QINGWEN
HSCI1005Organic ChemistryLIN LIGEN
HSCI1006Organic Chemistry LabLIN LIGEN
HSCI3015PhytochemistryLIN LIGEN
HSCI1006Organic Chemistry LabHUA YU
HSCI3010PharmaceuticsHUA YU
HSCI3011Pharmaceutics LabHUA YU
HSCI2006Physiology and PathophysiologyDUNCAN LEUNG
HSCI2007Physiology LabDUNCAN LEUNG
HSCI3008Biopharmaceutics and PharmacokineticsDUNCAN LEUNG
HSCI3009Chinese MedicineXIN CHEN
GEGA1004Global History of MedicineXIN CHEN
GEST2003Exploring Chinese MedicineXIN CHEN
HSCI3013Pharmaceutical Analysis LabJIANBO WAN
HSCI7007Advanced Nutrition and Food SafetyJIANBO WAN
GEST1018Nutrition and Food SafetyJIANBO WAN
HSCI3014Pharmacy AdministrationUNG OI LAM CAROLINA
HSCI7008Health Systems and PolicyUNG OI LAM CAROLINA
GEST1017Modern Drug Discovery: Drugs and HealthUNG OI LAM CAROLINA
HSCI1006Organic Chemistry LabCHEANG WAI SAN
GEST1017Modern Drug Discovery: Drugs and HealthCHEANG WAI SAN
GEST1018Nutrition and Food SafetyCHEANG WAI SAN
HSCI3014Pharmacy AdministrationYUANJIA HU
HSCI7008Health Systems and PolicyYUANJIA HU
HSCI7008Health Systems and PolicyHAO HU
HSCI4010Pharmaceutical Economics and PolicyHAO HU
HSCI2011Analytical ChemistryRU YAN
HSCI3008Biopharmaceutics and PharmacokineticsRU YAN
GEST1018Nutrition and Food SafetyRU YAN
HSCI2010Pharmacology LabYING WANG
GEST2003Exploring Chinese MedicineYING WANG
HSCI2009PharmacologyMAGGIE HOI
GEST1018Nutrition and Food SafetyMAGGIE HOI
HSCI2010Pharmacology LabXIUPING CHEN
GEST2003Exploring Chinese MedicineXIUPING CHEN
HSCI2008Human AnatomySU HUANXING
HSCI2008Human AnatomyGING CHAN
HSCI3007Biomedical MaterialsCHUNMING WANG
HSCI3007Biomedical MaterialsRUIBING WANG
HSCI3008Biopharmaceutics and PharmacokineticsXIAOJIA CHEN
HSCI3009Chinese MedicineYONGHUA ZHAO
HSCI3010PharmaceuticsYING ZHENG
HSCI3011Pharmaceutics LabMEIWAN CHEN
HSCI3012Pharmaceutical AnalysisSHAOPING LI
HSCI3012Pharmaceutical AnalysisJING ZHAO
HSCI3013Pharmaceutical Analysis LabPENG LI
HSCI4010Pharmaceutical Economics and PolicyBIAN YING
HSCI4011PharmacoinformaticsDEFANG OUYANG
GEST1018Nutrition and Food SafetyCHOU CHON KIT
HSCI1006Organic Chemistry LabZHONG ZHANGFENG