Chun Ming WANG 王春明

Interim Director, Research Services & Knowledge Transfer Office (RSKTO), University of Macau

Deputy Director, Zhuhai UM Science & Technology Research Institute (ZUMRI)

Professor, Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences (ICMS) & Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Faculty of Health Science (FHS)


Journal articles (in total 120; h-index 42)

Full list:

Selected 20: * (co-)corresponding author;  # co-first author

  1. RY Mu, Z Zhang, CW Han, YM Niu, Z Xing, ZC Liao, JZ Xu, NY Shao, GK Chen, JF Zhang, L Dong*, CM Wang*. Tumor-associated macrophages-educated reparative macrophages promote diabetic wound healing. EMBO Molecular Medicine, 2023, 15 (2), e16671
    ~ Featured: Cover Story
  2. CY Liu#, LT Wang#, MZ Xu, YJ Sun, Z Xing, JF Zhang*, CM Wang*, L Dong*. Reprogramming the spleen into a functioning ‘liver’ in vivoGut, 2022, 71, 2325;
  3. ZC Liao, YM Niu, ZZ Wang, JX Chen, XY Sun*, L Dong*, CM Wang*. A non-solvent quenching strategy for 3D printing of polysaccharide scaffolds with immunoregulatory accuracy. Advanced Science, 2022, 9,2203236;
    ~ Featured: Cover Story
  4. RY Mu#, S Campos de Souza#, ZC Liao, L Dong*, CM Wang*. Reprograming the immune niche for skin tissue regeneration – from cellular mechanisms to biomaterials applications. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, 2022, 185, 114298;
    ~ Invited by Dr Kara Spiller
  5. RY Mu#, YH Zhang#, LL Yan, ZC Liao, YS Yang, HX Su, L Dong*, CM Wang*. A bridge-building glycan scaffold mimicking microbial invasion for in situ endothelialization. Advanced Materials, 2021, 33: 2103490;
    ~ Featured: Inside Back Cover
  6. YL Wang, JY Pang, QY Wang, LC Yan, LT Wang, Z Xing, CM Wang*, JF Zhang*, L Dong*. Delivering antisense oligonucleotides across the blood-brain barrier by tumor cell-derived small apoptotic bodies. Advanced Science, 2021, 8: 2004929;
    ~ Featured: Inside Back Cover
  7. CW Han, JJ Song, JQ Hu, HJ Fu, YX Feng, RY Mu, Z Xing, ZZ Wang, LT Wang, JF Zhang*, CM Wang*, L Dong*. Smectite promotes probiotic biofilm formation in the gut for cancer immunotherapy. Cell Reports, 2021, 34: 108706;
  8. ZZ Wang#, YM Niu#, XJ Tian, N Yu, XY Yin, Z Xing, YR Li, L Dong*, CM Wang*. Switching on and off macrophages by a bridge-burning coating improves bone-implant integration under osteoporosis. Advanced Functional Materials, 2021, 31: 2007408;
    ~ Featured: Inside Front Cover
  9. LT Wang, CM Wang*, ZZ Wang, JJ Gan, CY Liu, SH Xia, YM Niu, DH Chen, JF Zhang*, L Dong*. Transforming the spleen into a liver-like organ in vivoScience Advances, 2020, 6: eaaz9974;
  10. PF Xing, YM Niu, RY Mu, ZZ Wang, DP Xie, HL Li, L Dong, CM Wang*. A pocket-escaping design to prevent the common interference with near-infrared fluorescent probes in vivoNature Communications, 2020, 11; 1573;
  11. W He, JZ Xu, RY Mu, Q Li, DL Lv, Z Huang, JF Zhang*, CM Wang*, L Dong*. High-salt diet inhibits tumour growth in mice via regulating myeloid-derived suppressor cell differentiation, Nature Communications, 2020, 11; 1732;
  12. YX Feng#, RY Mu#, ZZ Wang, PF Xing, JF Zhang, L Dong*, CM Wang*. A toll-like receptor agonist mimicking microbial signals to generate tumor-suppressive macrophages. Nature Communications, 2019, 10: 2272;
  13. ZZ Wang, XY Rui, JN Qiu, YQ Yan, JJ Gan, S Liu, LT Wang, JF Zhang*, CM Wang*, L Dong*. Growing trans-species islets in tumor extract-remodeled testicles. Advanced Science, 2019, 6: 1801694;
  14. YC Shi#, LT Wang#, YM Niu, N Yu, PF Xing, L Dong*, CM Wang*. Fungal component coating enhances titanium implant-bone integration. Advanced Functional Materials, 2018, 28: 1804483;
    ~ Featured: Cover Story
  15. YM Niu#, Q Li#, Y Ding, L Dong*, CM Wang*. Engineered delivery strategies for enhanced control of growth factor activities in wound healing. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, 2019, 146: 190-208;
  16. CM Wang, ZZ Wang, L Dong. Translating current bioanalytical techniques for studying corona activity. Trends in Biotechnology, 2018, 36: 661-672;
  17. ZZ Wang, CM Wang*, A Abudukeremu, X Rui, S Liu, XY Zhang, M Zhang, JF Zhang*, L Dong*. Engineering a Tumor Microenvironment-Mimetic Niche for Tissue Regeneration with Xenogeneic Cancer Cells. Advanced Science, 2018, 5: 1700666;
    ~ Featured: Back Cover
  18. CM Wang, L Dong. Exploring ‘new’ bioactivities of polymers at the nano-bio interface. Trends in Biotechnology, 2015, 33: 10-14;
  19. L Dong, CM Wang*. Harnessing the power of macrophages/monocytes for enhanced bone tissue engineering. Trends in Biotechnology, 2013, 31: 342-6;
  20. JE Gautrot, CM Wang, X Liu, SJ Goldie, B Trappmann, WTS Huck*, FM Watt*. Engineered micro-epidermis mimics normal tissue architecture and perturbation in cancer. Biomaterials, 2012, 33: 5221-9.
  • Fellow, Royal Society of Biology (FRSB)
  • Outstanding Youth Science Fund, NSFC
  • ‘Qi Huang’ Young Scholar
  • Young Committee Member (2018 – present), Chinese Orthopaedic Association
  • Young Committee Member (2015-2019), Chinese Society for Cell Biology
  • A biotechnology spin-off project ‘Golden Wound Dressing’ from our group and led by group member Mr, Zhe Zhang won
    • Gold Award; China’s Internet+ Innovation & Entrepreneurship 2017
    • First Prize; Bank of China Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition (Macau)
    • Excellence Award; HKUST Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition (National)