Ying BIAN  卞鷹
Associate Professor

Academic Qualifications

  • MSc, PhD, Shandong University


M.Sc. Courses

  1. Social Medicine (MCMC108)
  2. Medical Information Technology (MCMC106)


Research Interests

  • Health Management and Health Policy Evaluation
  • Costing Study and Efficiency Evaluation for Health Science
  • Input & Output Analytic Methodology for Disease Control Programs
  • Marketing Study for Medical & Pharmaceutical Services

Selected Publications

  1. Bian Ying. China public hospital ownership reform: Pilot study of government role as renter. International Medicinal News. 2004, Z1
  2. Bian Ying. Doctors’ dual practice and its medical practice policy analysis. Chinese J of Health Economics. 2004-03
  3. Bian Ying, et al. International pharmaceutical industries policy comparative study. China Pharmaceuticals. 2004-5
  4. Bian Ying, et al. Strategy study of China pharmaceutical industries’ domestic distribution. China J of S&T Industry. 2004-6
  5. Bian Ying, et al. Health status and its relative factors evaluative analysis of China resident’s disability. China J of Health Economics. 2004-5
  6. Bian Ying. Cross-Sectional study of rural medical aid system in China. China J of Health Economics. 2004-6
  7. Bian Ying, et al. Safety evaluation of syringe utilization in China. China J Primary Health Care. 2004-5
  8. Bian Ying. Market Reform: A Challenge to Public Health—the Case of Schistosomiasis Control in China. International Journal of Health Planning and Management. 第一作者 . 2004.12:1-16
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  10. Bian Ying. Strategy study of health services items’ standard cost and price setting policy. International Medicinal News. 2004-Z1
  11. Bian Ying, et al. Implementation and its knowledge effectiveness evaluation of ‘Act of Infectious Disease Control’ in China. China J of Health Management. 2004-6
  12. Bian Ying Fuzzy analysis of cost step-down allocation’s weight coefficient of health care items China J of Health Economics 2005-4
  13. Bian Ying National & hospital financing capability for residency training program in China public hospitals China j of Health Economics 2005-5
  14. Bian Ying Individual & market mechanism financing capability and willingness for residency training program in China public hospitals China j of Health Economics 2005-5
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  26. Bian Ying et al Principle and suggestions on TCM patent protection Research and information on Traditional Chinese Medicine 2005-4
  27. Bian Ying et al Crosse-Sectional study of injection safety at rural & urban health organizations in Shandong & Shannxi provinces Health Economics Study 2005-4
  28. Bian Ying et al Health care demand trend and forecasting analysis of Shandong province from 1978 to 2000 Preventive Medicine Forum 2005-1
  29. Bian Ying et al Health demand influences factors and elasticity study of Shandong provincial health care sector Preventive Medicine Forum 2005-1

Contact Details

Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences
Room 2055, N22 Building
Avenida da Universidade, Taipa, Macau

Fax: (853) 28841358