Peng LI 李鵬

Deputy Director (Research and Technology Transfer), Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences

Books & Chapters

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Selected Journal Articles (during the recent 5 years)

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  1. 李鵬,顧立強,孫譽洲。納米複合材料及其製備方法和應用。中國發明專利(申請號:202110825508.5)
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2020  1st Prize, WFCMS International Award for Contribution to Chinese Medicine – Achievement Award in Medical Sciences (2nd Recipient)

2020  2nd Prize, Higher Education Outstanding Scientific Research Output Award (Science and Technology) –Science and Technology Progress Award (4th Recipient)

2018  3rd Prize, Macao Science and Technology Awards – Technological Invention Award (2nd Recipient)

  1. Academic Committee Member, NMPA Key Laboratory for Quality Monitoring and Evaluation of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Chinese Materia Medica)
  2. Academic Committee Member, Macao Youth Scholars Program
  3. Youth Committee Member, China Association of Chinese Medicine
  4. Executive Council Member, 1st Board of Specialty Committee of Multidimensional Evaluation of Genuine Medicinal Materials of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies
  5. Member, Macao Product Quality Certification Committee
  6. Deputy Council President, International Association of Quality Research in Chinese Medicine
  7. Member, International Society of Chinese Medicine