qing wen zhang

Qing Wen ZHANG 張慶文

Associate Professor

  1. Wei-Hua Huang, Qing-Wen Zhang, Chun-Su Yuan, Chong-Zhi Wang,? and Shao-Ping Li. Chemical constituents of the plants from genus Oplopanax.? Chemistry & Biodiversity (accepted, 2012).
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  12. Bei Jiang (江蓓), Wei-li Han (韓偉立),Qing-wen Zhang (張慶文),Xiao-qi Zhang (張曉琦)*,Wen-cai Ye (葉文才). Chemical Constituents from the Aerial Roots of Ficus microcarpa (小葉榕氣生根化學成分研究). Journal of Chinese Medicinal Materials (中藥材). 2012, 35(6): 904-908
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  • Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science
  • Advances in Analytical Chemistry
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  • Council Member, Sub-society of Molecular Biotechnology, The Chinese Society of Biochemistry and Biology