Ying ZHENG  鄭穎

Professor, Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences

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  • University of Macau: “Inhalable Functional Nanocrystals of Poorly Water-soluble Active Components in Chinese Medicine for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Therapy” (2020 – 2021).
  • University of Macau: “Establishment of in-vivo quantification method of drugs as released and non-released forms after delivery of sustained-release nanocarriers and study on their relationship with pharmacodynamics” (2017 – 2020).
  • University of Macau: “Purification, in vivo antidepressant disorder activity, transport and pharmacokinetic evaluations of inulin-type fructooligosaccharides in Morinda officinalis after oral administration” (2017 – 2019).
  • University of Macau: “Development of Novel Targeted Nanoparticles with Immunosuppressive Chinese Medicine to Inhibit Skin Immune-response for Topical Therapy of Psoriasis” (2014 – 2017).
  • University of Macau: “Novel Nanoparticle Development of Active Components in Herbal Medicines and Their Permeations across Blood-Brain Barrier on Cell Monolayers, Zebrafish and Rat Models” (2013 – 2016).
  • FDCT: “Topical delivery of Chinese medicine to inhibit skin immune-response for psoriasis” (2019-2021).
  • FDCT: “Solid State Characterization of Poorly Water-soluble Active Components in Chinese Medicine” (2014-2016).
  • 國家自然科學基金海外及港澳合作基金: “細胞和斑馬魚模型評價納米製劑的跨膜轉運機理和體內過程” (2016.1 – 2017.12).
  • NSFC: “Transport Mechanism and In-vivo Biodistribution Study of Nanomedicine in Polarized Epithelial Cell Monolayer and Larval Zebrafish (No. 81528021, 2016 – 2017).
  • ERASMUS MUNDUS, ERUASICAT: Advanced Education European-Asiatic Exchange Progromme in Materials Science and Catalysis. (No. 552067-EM-1-2014-1-ES-ERA MUNDUS-EMA22, 2014 – 2018, Academic coordinator of UM).
  1. 2018年度澳門科技進步二等獎,第四參與人
  2. 2017年度北京大學醫學部優秀校友
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Editorial board member of Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Science

Add-hoc reviewers of several international referred journals: ACS: AMI; Chem. Comm.; J. Pharm. Sci.; Pharm. Res.; Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces; International Journal of Pharmaceutics; Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology; AAPS PharmSciTech; Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy; Acta Pharmacologica Sinica; J. Microencapsulation; Chinese Pharmaceutical Journal etc.