SCI journal – Chinese Medicine


  • 編輯部    :國際中醫藥學會 / 中藥國家重點實驗室
  • 編輯團隊:歐美亞太區著名專家及青年學者
  • 影響因子:2.39 (2018)
  • 五年目標:IF>10 替代醫學與藥學領域優異期刊
  • 全球排名:數百種替代醫-藥學前三
  • 兩岸排名:中醫藥雜誌第一
  • 資助機構:澳門基金會、澳門大學
  • 主編機構:澳大中藥國家重點實驗室
  • 編輯團隊:全球中青年學者團隊


Chinese Medicine, ISSN: 1749-8546 (Online)

Editor-in-Chief: Yi-tao Wang
Deputy Editor: Chunming Wang

  • ISSN: 1749-8546 (electronic version)
  • Journal no. 13020
  • BioMed Central

Chinese Medicine has a robust approach and strong focus on publishing evidence-based, scientifically justified research and review papers, across a significant range of areas relevant to Chinese medicine. It is the official journal of the International Society for Chinese Medicine, based in Macau and sponsored by Fundação Macau. The journal is well established, having been indexed by SCIE since 2013, and welcomes submission of papers from across the globe every year, which help contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the field of Chinese medicine.