Yong Hua ZHAO 趙永華

Assistant Professor

Representative peer-reviewed journal papers

  1. Yong-Hua Zhao*, Nai-Wei Liu, Chien-Chih Ke, Bo-Wen Liu, Yi-An Chen, Cheng Luo, Qian Zhang, Zhen-Yan Xia and Ren-Shyan Liu, “Combined treatment of sodium ferulate, n-butylidenephthalide, and ADSCs rehabilitates neurovascular unit in rats after photothrombotic stroke,” Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, 2019, 23(1):126-142. IF: 4.302.
  2. Yueying Li, Yuntao Liu, Xia Yan, Qing Liu, Yonghua Zhao* and Dawei Wang*, “Pharmacological Effects and Mechanisms of Chinese Medicines Modulating NLRP3 inflammasomes in Ischemic Cardio/Cerebral Vascular Disease,” The American Journal of Chinese Medicine. 2018, 10:1-15. IF: 3.12
  3. Bowen Liu, Cheng Luo, Zhaoguang Zheng, Zhenyan Xia, Qian Zhang, Chienchih Ke, Renshyan Liu and Yonghua Zhao*, “Shengui Sansheng San extraction is an angiogenic switch via regulations of AKT/mTOR, ERK1/2 and Notch1 signal pathways after ischemic stroke,” Phytomedicine, 2018, 44: 20–31. IF: 3.610
  4. Yue-Ying Li and Yong-Hua Zhao*, “Efficacy and Mechanisms of Chinese Medicine on the Modulation of Myocardial Autophagy in Cardiovascular Disease,” The American Journal of Chinese Medicine, 2017, 45(5):917-932. IF: 3.222
  5. Nai-Wei Liu, Chien-Chih Ke, Yonghua Zhao*, Yi-An Chen, Kim-Chuan Chan, David Tat-Wei Tan, Jhih-Shian Lee, You-Yin Chen, Tun-Wei Hsu, Ya-Ju Hsieh, Chi-Wei Chang, Bang-Hung Yang, Wen-Sheng Huang and Ren-Shyan Liu*, “Evolutional Characterization of Photochemically Induced Stroke in Rats: A Multimodality Imaging and Molecular Biological Study,” Translational Stroke Research. 2017, 8(3):244-256. IF: 4.503
  6. Qian Zhang, Zhen-Wei Chen, Yong-Hua Zhao*, Bo-Wen Liu, Nai-Wei Liu, Chien-Chih Ke and Hong-Mei Tan, “Bone Marrow Stromal Cell Combined with Sodium Ferulate and n-butylidenephthalide Promote the Effect of Therapeutic Angiogenesis via Advancing Astrocyte-Derived Trophic Factors after Ischemic Stroke,” Cell Transplantation. 2017, 26(2):229-242. IF: 3.427
  7. Qian Zhang, Yonghua Zhao*,Youhua Xu, Zhenwei Chen, Naiwei Liu, Chienchih Ke , Bowen Liu and Weikang Wu, “Sodium ferulate and n-butylidenephthalate combined with bone marrow stromal cells (BMSCs) improve the therapeutic effects of angiogenesis and neurogenesis after rat focal cerebral ischemia,” Journal of Translational Medicine. 2016, 14(1):223. IF: 3.694
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  9. Hengli Guo, Youhua Xu, Wei Huang, Hua Zhou, Zhaoguang Zheng,Yonghua Zhao, Bao He, Tingting Zhu, Shanshan Tang and Quan Zhu, “Kuwanon G Preserves LPS-Induced Disruption of Gut Epithelial Barrier In Vitro,” Molecules. 2016, 21(11). pii: E1597. IF: 2.465
  10. Youhua Xu, Jianfeng Xiong, Yonghua Zhao, Bao He, Zhaoguang Zheng and Quan Zhu, “Calycosin Rebalances Advanced Glycation End Products-Induced Glucose Uptake Dysfunction of Hepatocyte In Vitro,” The American Journal of Chinese Medicine. 2015, 43(6):1191-210. IF: 2.755
  11. Ya-Ju Hsieh, Luen Hwu, Chien-Chih Ke, Ai-Lin Huang, Fu-Du Chen, Shyh-Jong Wu, Sharon Chia-Ju Chen, Yong-Hua Zhao and Ren-Shyan Liu, “Demonstration of Tightly Radiation-Controlled Molecular Switch Based on CArG Repeats by In Vivo Molecular Imaging,” Molecular Imaging and Biology. 2015, 17(6):802-810. IF: 2.774
  12. Qian Zhang and Yong-Hua Zhao*, “Therapeutic Angiogenesis after Ischemic Stroke: Chinese Medicines, Bone Marrow Stromal Cells (BMSCs) and their Combinational Treatment,” The American Journal of Chinese Medicine. 2014, 42(1): 61–77. IF: 2.625
  13. Yonghua Zhao*, Wan Lai, Youhua Xu, Liming Li, Zhenwei Chen and Weikang Wu, “Exogenous and endogenous therapeutic effects of combination Sodium Ferulate and bone marrow stromal cells (BMSCs) treatment enhance neurogenesis after rat focal cerebral ischemia,” Metabolic Brain Disease. 2013, 28:655–666. IF: 2.638
  14. Li-Zhen Liao, Yan-Ling Chen, Li-He Lu, Yong-Hua Zhao, Hua-Lei Guo and Wei-Kang Wu, “Polysaccharide from Fuzi Likely Protects Against Starvation-Induced Cytotoxicity in H9c2 Cells by Increasing Autophagy Through Activation of the AMPK/mTOR Pathway,” The American Journal of Chinese Medicine. 2013, 41(2): 353–367. IF: 2.281
  15. Zhao Yong-Hua*, Guan Ying and Wu Wei-Kang. Potential advantages of a combination of Chinese Medicine and bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell transplantation for removing blood stasis and stimulating neogenesis during ischemic stroke treatment. Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 2012, 32(2): 289-292. IF: 0.667
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Book Chapters

  1. Yonghua Zhao, “Pharmacology of Traditional Chinese Medicine,” in Medical Textbook of National Designation: Chinese Medicine. Higher Education Press, 2018.
  2. Qian Zhang and Yonghua Zhao, “ Combination treatment of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and Angelica sinensis’ active ingredients for ischemic stroke” in Cellular and Molecular Approaches to Regeneration & Repair. Springer Press, 2017: 239-257.
  3. Yonghua ZhaoCurrent Topics on Chinese Medical Treatment of Internal Medical Diseases, Macau University of Science and Technology Press, 2010.

Executive Member of the Standing in Cardiovascular Committee of Guangdong Province Integrative Medicine

Academic Advisor of Integrative Medical Committee (Macao)

Associate general-secretary of cross-strait scientific collaboration center for Chinese Medicine

Executive Member of the Standing in the Specialty Committee of Immunology of Traditional Chinese Medicine of WFCMS

Member of Macau Association for Science and Technology

Member of council in the Specialty Committee of Hypertension of WFCMS

Member of Macau Higher Education Development Association

Chinese Medical license, the Health Bureau of Macao Special Administrative Region, 2007

Middle level specialty and technology license, the Personnel Ministry of PR China, 2003

Integrative medical license, Ministry of Health, PR China, 2002.