Industry-Academia Collaborative innovation platform

National institute of Health (NIH) & National cancer institute(NCI)
  • Signed Collaboration agreement on the research of Chinese medicine in cancer and auto-immune diseases
  • Focusing on cancer and auto-immune diseases, Published 7 Papers in leading journals including Nature Medicine, Nature Reviews RheumatologyFASEB JJournal of Immunology.
Institute for Innovation in Chinese Medical Sciences with CACMS
  • Collaborative study on safety-related key points in International Chinese medicine trade won the MoST and FDCT joint funding; has published 7 SCI papers
  • Completed the Chinese herbal medicine DNA barcode project, won the 2016 national award for science and technology (second Prize)
Peking U, Taiwan U, Hong Kong U, Macau U joint research center
  • Big China region four universities alliance: Peking U, Taiwan U, Hong Kong U, Macau U launched Chinese Joint Research Center for Drug Discovery and Development
  • Collaboration won funding on the research on key technology in systematic drug screen, published several SCI papers and applied several patents
Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)
  • Academician BAI Chunli, President of CAS, visited SKLQRCM twice
  • Shanghai institute of material medica, CAS: system screening key technologies based on Chinese medicine multifunction
  • Guangzhou institute of biomedicine and health, CAS: Collaboration won the Guangdong Province international collaborative innovation project
SKL of respiratory diseases
  • ZHONG Nanshan academician pointed out the collaborative research focus: Chinese medicine and respiratory health.
  • SKL of QRCM and SKL of respiratory diseases established the research on Chinese medicine in lung cancer research
  • Collaboration on the improvement of Chinese medicine on bone marrow inhibition after chemotherapy
Guangzhou pharmaceutical Co.
  • Guangzhou pharmaceutical corporation:signed the collaboration agreement on the product development, scientific research and people training
  • Established the UM-Baiyunshan Zhongyi joint institute to start the collaboration on the deep R&D of Angong Niuhuang Wan and Zishen Yutai Wan
Collaboration between UM and Guangdong-Macau TCM Technology Industrial Park
  1. Pilot scale production with cGMP of EU
  2. International quality inspection as the third party
  3. R&D service for Macau pharm. companies
  4. Training service for Portuguese-speaking countries
  5. Herbal medicine registrations in the EU and the USA
International Collaboration