UM scholar analyses global CAR-T cell therapy patent landscape

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2022-04-25T14:46:53+08:002021-05-17|Conference and Seminar|

The University of Macau (UM) today (14 May) held the second lecture of the ‘Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the University of Macau: UM Scholar Research Forum’, titled ‘Decoding Global Patents of a Breakthrough Treatment for Cancer and Insights for Chinese Drug Innovation’. Hu Yuanjia, an associate professor in the UM Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences, was the speaker. During the lecture, Prof Hu explained to the lay audience a major breakthrough in the analysis of global CAR-T cell therapy patent landscape, which was recently published in the internationally renowned journal Nature Biotechnology. The talk attracted a large number of UM students and faculty members, with some of them attending the event online.  

UM has attained significant achievements in scientific research in recent years. As part of the celebration of the university’s 40th anniversary, the UM Scholar Research Forum invites distinguished UM scholars to present their research findings in an accessible manner to help the public understand the essence of academic research as knowledge creation, the applicability of research findings, and how scientific research can improve people’s quality of life.