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The Fourth Sino-CPLP Symposium on Natural Medicine and Biodiversity Resources & the International Forum on Research and Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry (Macao) was recently held at the University of Macau (UM). Combining both virtual and in-person elements, the three-day event attracted over 200 experts and scholars from Europe, the United States, Portuguese-speaking countries, mainland China, and Macao. During the event, the participants had in-depth discussions on topics related to pharmacology in Chinese medicine as well as the development of Chinese medicine-based products in mainland China and the global market. With the themes of ‘Natural Medicines and Biodiversity Resources’ and ‘Research and Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry’, the event placed an emphasis on frontier areas such as pharmacology and medicinal chemistry, as well as the research and innovative development of natural medicines, traditional Chinese medicine, and functional food, and included nearly 100 talks and seminars.