Jin-Chao WEI 魏金超

Assistant Professor, Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences

Representative peer-reviewed journal papers (h-index 17, * co-/corresponding author;  # co-first author)

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Book Chapters

  1. Luo M, Wang T, Chen L, Cheng Z, Gunasekaran S*, Wei J*, Li P*. Nanozymes in Pesticides Detection. In: Nanozymes Advances and Applications. Sundaram Gunasekaran, Ed. CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group: Florida, 2021.
  1. Li P, Luo M, Wei JC. The preparation method and application of ratiometric fluorescent probe. China, 202011211937.5. 2020.
  2. Li P, Cheng ZH, Wei JC. The preparation method and application of fluorescent metal nanoclusters. China, 202110748054.6. 2021.
  • Executive council member, Specialty Committee on Utilization and Protection of Medicinal Plant Resources of the World Federation of Chinese Medicines (WFCMS)  世界中醫藥聯合會藥用植物資源利用和保護專業委員會理事委員
  • Executive council member, International Society of Quality Research of Chinese Medicine  國際中醫藥質量研究會理事委員
  • Member, International Society for Chinese Medicine  國際中醫藥學會委員

Early career editorial board of Chinese Medicine (2018- ).

Ad-hoc reviewer of several peer-reviewed academic journals, including Chin Med, China J Chin Mater Med (中國中藥雜誌), Mater Today Chem, Microchem J, etc.