Jin-Chao WEI 魏金超

Assistant Professor
Macao Centre for Research and Development in Chinese Medicine
State Key Laboratory of Quality Research in Chinese Medicine
Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences

Representative peer-reviewed journal papers (* co-/corresponding author;  # co-first author)

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  • Executive council member, Specialty Committee on Utilization and Protection of Medicinal Plant Resources of the World Federation of Chinese Medicines (WFCMS)  世界中醫藥聯合會藥用植物資源利用和保護專業委員會理事委員
  • Executive council member, International Society of Quality Research of Chinese Medicine  國際中醫藥質量研究會理事委員
  • Member, International Society for Chinese Medicine  國際中醫藥學會委員

Editorial and early career editorial member of Chin Med, J Anal Test, Acupunct Herb Med.

Ad-hoc reviewer of several peer-reviewed academic journals, including Chin Med, China J Chin Mater Med (中國中藥雜誌), Mater Today Chem, Microchem J, Phytochem Anal, Environ Toxicol, Anal Meth, BMC Chem, RSC Adv, Heliyon, Front in Nutr etc.