A collaborative brainstorming session organized by the Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences (ICMS) and joined by the Oxford University and Oxford Suzhou Centre for Advanced Research (OSCAR) was held at UM on January 12, 2024. The session brought together leading scientists from the fields of traditional Chinese medicine and chemical engineering for an engaging and insightful discussion.


The OSCAR team, led by the esteemed Prof. Zhanfeng Cui, the Donald Pollock Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Oxford, brought with him a team of distinguished scientists, including Prof. Wei Huang and Prof. Cathy Ye from the Oxford University. Additionally, Prof. Haiyun Pei, Dr. Hong Chang, and Dr. Alex Yang from OSCAR were valuable contributors to the discussion. On the other side, the ICMS team, led by Prof. Xin Chen, Distinguished Professor and Director of ICMS, was joined by Prof. Jiahong Lu, Prof. Defang Ouyang, Prof. Yue Li, Prof. He Song, and Prof. Carolina Oi Lam Ung. Together, they actively participated in the brainstorming session, sharing their insights and expertise in the field of traditional Chinese medicine and related disciplines.


The session aimed to foster interdisciplinary collaboration among the UK, China, and Macao, emphasizing the importance of international cooperation in scientific research. It served as a platform to strengthen partnerships in scientific research and promote knowledge exchange between UM and international research institutions. The collaborative brainstorming session at UM marked a significant step toward advancing interdisciplinary research and strengthening partnerships in scientific endeavors with Oxford University and OSCAR.