MSc in Medicinal Administration (MAD)

MSc in Medicinal Administration (MAD) 醫藥管理碩士課程

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Established in 2002, the Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences (ICMS)/ State Key Laboratory of Quality Research in Chinese Medicine is the first research-oriented institute in Macau as well as the first State Key Laboratory in the field of Chinese medicine. The MSc in Medicinal Administration (MAD) is designed for students who wish to become leaders in the national or international public health organisations, pharmaceutical industry, as well as research organizations worldwide.

The MAD programme is offered on a 2-year full-time basis with a curriculum spanning a wide range of topics in the field of medicinal sciences, including management, economics, sociology, law and international business. This programme serves as a stepping stone to careers in research or professional practice.



  • Applications for entry in September 2019 will open on 15 October 2018.
  • Admission is open to applicants who have completed at least a 4-year Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in related fields from an accredited institution
  • Please visit our Graduate School website to find out more about admission and application procedure:



Applicants who received their Bachelor’s degree from a university where the medium of instruction was not English are required to provide any of the following as proof of English proficiency:

  • Obtain a TOEFL score* of 550 (paper-based examination) / 80 (internet-based examination) or,
  • Obtain an IELTS overall score* of 6.0 with no sub-score lower than 5.5 or,
  • Obtain a CET-6 score of 430 or above or,
  • Pass the TEM-4 or TEM-8 examination

*Note: TOEFL and IELTS scores are valid for two years from the test date.


Applicants who received their Bachelor’s degree from a university where the medium of instruction was English are required to provide a proof of English as the medium of instruction, if deemed necessary, issued by the applicants’ university where their Bachelor’s degree was obtained.


In the 1st Academic Year, students are required to complete 4 Compulsory Courses and any 4 Elective Courses (chosen from a list of Elective Courses). In the 2nd Academic Year, students are required to complete an Academic Thesis before graduation.

  Type Weekly Lecture Hours Credits
Compulsory Courses
International Business and Law for Medicine Compulsory 3 3
Social Medicine Compulsory 3 3
Medical Technology Management Compulsory 3 3
Introduction to Research in Medical Administration Compulsory 3 3
Elective Courses (any 4 of the following)
Biomedical Informatics Required Elective 3 3
Pharmaceutical Science Required Elective 3 3
Targets and Models for Drug Screen Required Elective 3 3
Systems Biology Required Elective 3 3
Development of Drugs and Health Products Required Elective 3 3
Bio-Statistics Required Elective 3 3
Standardization and Quality Management of Chinese Medicine Required Elective 3 3
Computational Pharmacy Required Elective 3 3
Research Methodology Required Elective 3 3
Total 24
Academic Thesis Compulsory 6
Total 6
Grand Total 30



Besides the courses and research projects, ICMS provides our students a resourceful communication platform and an enjoyable extracurricular life. Students will have the opportunities to attend conferences and join exchange activities all over the world. The institute also schedules regular visits to our partners in the pharmaceutical industry for our students Starting from a warm welcome to the freshmen, the ICMS Postgraduate Association organises various activities throughout the year, e.g. Mid-Autumn Festival celebration, photographic competition, academic forum and so on.



  • Peking University
  • China Pharmaceutical University
  • ESSCA of Hungary


  • Student Poster Competition of Drug Information Association USA
  • Chinese National Challenge Cup Competition
  • One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition


Many graduates from our programme have been admitted into top schools worldwide to achieve higher academic goals, while others have pursued their careers in government departments, medical industries, research institutions, hospitals, and consulting corporations.



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Postgraduate House (PGH) consists of 4 buildings (S1, S2, S3 and S4), offering more than 2,600 bed spaces mainly to UM non-local students. All the rooms in the PGH are fully furnished, internet-connected, air-conditioned and with bathrooms, excluding personal necessities and beddings. Please visit the following links for more information:

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