Executive Committee (EC)

Chair:  Prof. Yitao WANG


Prof. Simon Lee
Prof. Xin Chen
Prof. Duncan Leung
Prof. Peng Li
Prof. Chunming Wang
Prof. Yuanjia Hu
Prof. Jianbo Wan

Secretary: Mr. Chris Fong

According to the Regulations of the Organizational Structure of the University of Macau, powers and duties of the Faculty Executive Committee of each faculty include:
1)  To assist in the administrative affairs of the faculty and assist the Dean in the formulation of policies and implementation of decisions;
2) To advise the Dean in drawing up and revising the budget plan of the faculty;
3) To recommend all faculty-level or department level academic appointments except full-time (non-visiting) appointments;
4) To advise the Dean on such matters as he/she requests;
5) To handle other matters as requested by Rector or his/her delegate(s) in accordance with law or prescribed by regulations or rules.
Remark: Applications/requests for special leave, appointment of Adjunct Professors, or other issues to be endorsed by EC should be submitted to the Secretary.