Executive Committee (EC)

Chair: Prof. Xin CHEN


  1. Peng LI
  2. Chunming WANG
  3. Jiahong LU
  4. Ruibing WANG
  5. Yuanjia HU
  6. Jianbo WAN
  7. Simon LEE
  8. Duncan LEUNG


Ms. Anita CHAU

According to the Regulations of the Organizational Structure of the University of Macau, powers and duties of the Faculty Executive Committee of each faculty include:
1)  To assist in the administrative affairs of the faculty and assist the Dean in the formulation of policies and implementation of decisions;
2) To advise the Dean in drawing up and revising the budget plan of the faculty;
3) To recommend all faculty-level or department level academic appointments except full-time (non-visiting) appointments;
4) To advise the Dean on such matters as he/she requests;
5) To handle other matters as requested by Rector or his/her delegate(s) in accordance with law or prescribed by regulations or rules.
Remark: Applications/requests for special leave, appointment of Adjunct Professors, or other issues to be endorsed by EC should be submitted to the Secretary.