Chunming WANG

Chunming (‘CM’) WANG       王春明
Associate Professor
Programme Director (Teaching / Research), Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences (ICMS)

Academic Qualifications

Dr Chunming Wang (CM) received his Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Biochemistry from Nanjing University (China), completing his Master thesis under the supervision of Junfeng Zhang. He obtained his PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) under the supervision of Dong-An Wang. Then, CM undertook his postdoctoral training at the University of Cambridge (UK), working between Wilhelm Huck’s group in the Chemistry Department and Fiona Watt’s lab at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Stem Cell Research. He later assisted Victor Nurcombe and Simon Cool at the Institute of Medical Biology (Singapore) on an industry-led drug discovery project. In Oct 2012, CM took the Assistant Professorship at ICMS, University of Macau, to continue his scientific exploration in developing bio-inspired materials for a wide range of medical applications. In Aug 2018, he secured promotion to Associate Professor which meant to him more an exciting chance to embrace tougher challenges than a more stable job.



Undergraduate modules

  • BIOB210          General Microbiology
  • BIOB211          General Microbiology – Laboratory

Graduate modules

  • CMED718        Pharmaceutical Science
  • CMED721        Emerging Materials in Clinical Medicine
  • CMED812        Pharmaceutical Engineering & Biomaterials Science
  • GRSC802         Research Writing


Cells and tissue microenvironment are like seeds and soil; the ‘soil’ supports the ‘seeds’ to grow, while the ‘seeds’ remodel the ‘soil’ through secretion. We aim to optimise the soil and thereby improve the seeds’ growth by targeting macrophages, which play central roles in wound healing and tissue repair. We design biomaterials tools and cell-based strategies to modulate macrophages’ phenotypes (e.g. via TLR-carbohydrate interaction), stabilise their secreted molecules (e.g. via growth factors-GAG interaction) and more generally create a pro-regenerative niche (e.g. by ‘utilising’ specifically induced macrophages). We are testing our concepts and designs with various models ranging from bone defects to dental implants to diabetic skin ulcers.

To date, CM has as PI won 12 research grants from O Fundo para o Desenvolvimento das Ciências e da Tecnologia de Macau (FDCT), National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), University of Macau Research Committee as well as several Mainland universities. One notable example is an FDCT-NSFC joint sponsorship in 2019. These generous supports have enabled the thriving of ‘Chun Ming Tong Sui’ (春明糖水), a young and vibrant team devoted to weaving sweet polymer chains into new medicines. The team effort of CMTS has enabled CM to see himself twice among the winners of the Natural Science Award at the Macao Science and Technology Awards – 2nd and 3rd Prize in 2016 and 2018, respectively. A start-up project specialised in wound healing, which has won several awards nationally and regionally, is also under the support of several parties from the local community.

Now, we invite you to join us, visit us and support us to invent SWEET recipes for our SOUR body!

CMTS TeamCMTS Alumni
  • Principal Investigator
    • Dr Chunming ‘CM’ Wang (PI 2012.10-)


  • Staff
    • Dr Lintao Wang (UM Macao PD Fellow 2020.01-): Tissue matrix engineering
    • Dr Zhenzhen Wang (UM Macao PD Fellow 2019.09-): Immune niche for tissue regeneration
    • Dr Yiming Niu (UM Macao PD Associate 2019.05-): Glucomannan scaffolds for tissue repair
    • Mr Zhe Zhang, Zac (Research Assistant 2019.01-): Carbohydrates for wound healing
  • Students
    • Mr Daping Xie (PhD Candidate 2019.08-): Glycopolymers for immunotherapy
    • Mr Zhencheng Liao (PhD Candidate 2019.08-): Glucomannans for cell delivery
    • Mr Panfei Xing (PhD Candidate 2016.08-): Chemical tools for macrophages
    • Ms Ruoyu Mu, Rita (PhD Candidate 2018.08-): Cell therapy for wound healing
    • Ms Yuhan Zhang, Hannie (MSc Candidate 2017.08-): Glycopolymers for angiogenesis
    • Ms Xiaoyu Yin, Agnes (MSc Candidate 2018.08-): Glucomannan oligosaccharides
    • Ms Huiqun Zhou, Vicky (MSc Candidate 2018.08-): Glucomannan hydrogel
    • Ms Yangyang Liu, Connie (MSc Candidate 2019.08-): Sugar ink for tissue repair
  • Visiting scientist
    • Dr Wei He (2016.09-.12; now an Associate Professor at Anhui Medical University, China)
    • Mr Richard Surgenor (2015.07-09; now a PhD student at University of Oxford, UK)
    • Prof Lei Dong (2013.07-.10; from Nanjing University, China)
    • Ms Patrícia Holigová (IAESTE Intern 2019.07-09; now studying at University of Chemistry and Technology, Czech):
  • Staff
    • Dr Lintao Wang (Research Associate 2017.09-2018.09; now a Lecturer at Nanjing University, China)
    • Ms Hongyan Long (RA 2016.05-2017.04; now a PhD candidate at Max Planck Institute, Germany)
    • Dr Helena Wang (Postdoc 2015.01-.06; now a scientist in biotech industry, Canada)
    • Ms Bertha Wong (RA 2014.07-2015.07; now at Centro Hospitalar Conde de São Januário, Macau)
  • Students
    • Mr Qiu Li (PhD Candidate 2013.09-2017.12; RA 2018.01-2018.06; now a Professor at Qingdao Agricultural University, China)
    • Ms Sunny Y Shi (MSc Candidate 2015.08-2018.01; now a Scientist at a pharma company in Hangzhou, China)
    • Mr Carlos Zhang (MSc 2014.08-2017.01, now at Sichuan Primed Bio-tech Group Co Ltd, Chengdu)
    • Mr Yu Wang (MSc 2013.09-2016.01; now a scientist in pharma industry, Shandong)
    • Ms Xiudan Zhan (MSc 2012.10-2015.01; now an entrepreneur, Guangzhou)
    • Mr Stanley Chan (Summer intern, 2013.05-08; now at University College London, UK)
    • Ms Winnie Chan (FYP 2014.06-2015.06; RA 2015.10-2016.04; now at Kiang Wu Hospital, Macau)
    • Ms Mathilda Cheang (FYP, 2015.01-05; now at University of Macau, Macau)
    • Ms Yanxian Feng (PhD Candidate 2015.01-2019.06, now a Professor at Wuyi University, Guangdong, China)


CMTS 2019CMTS 2017 CMTS 2015 Award to the team
(From left) Panfei, Zac, CM, Yiming, Agnes, Vicky, Patrícia, Hannie, Rita


 (From left) Yanxian, Panfei, CM, Yiming, Hongyan, Qiu, Sunny (front), Zhe (back), Zebang

Photo courtesy © Communication Office University of Macau

(Back) Carlos, Qiu, CM, Yiming, Yu

(Front) Winnie, Bertha, Yanxian, Xiudan, Mathilda

Thanks to the team, CM was among the recipients of the 2016 Macao Science and Technology Award (2nd Prize).


Power of HealingSunny’s PubCarlos’s Ocean Park Science-inspired Art
A friend from Taiwan shows great interest in our polysaccharide for wound healing.
Sunny illustrates her new, beer-inspired strategy to strengthen bone implants on the cover of Advanced Functional MaterialsUpon hearing that our paper published in Biomaterials Science was featured on the cover, Carlos surprised us by showing (off) his talent in art to the editorial office.CM’s painting, The Meuse River, inspired by his research visits to Prof Wilhelm Huck and several other biomaterials scientists in the Netherlands during the summer of 2015.


Selected Publications

Journal articles (in total 89; h-index 28)

* (co-)corresponding author;  # co-first author

  1. YC Yao, CM Wang*. Dedifferentiation: inspiration for devising engineering strategies for regenerative medicine. NPJ Regenerative Medicine, 2020, in press;
  2. YM Niu, LT Wang, N Yu, PF Xing, ZZ Wang, ZF Zhong, YX Feng, L Dong, CM Wang*. An all-in-one scaffold targeting macrophages to direct endogenous bone repair in situ. Acta Biomaterialia, 2020, 111: 153-69;
  3. LT Wang, CM Wang*, ZZ Wang, JJ Gan, CY Liu, SH Xia, YM Niu, DH Chen, JF Zhang*, L Dong*. Transforming the spleen into a liver-like organ in vivo. Science Advances, 2020, 6: eaaz9974;
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    ~ Featured: Cover Story
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Analysis & Editorial

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Conference / symposium proceedings (presenting author is underlined)

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Academic Services & Honours

  • A biotechnology spin-off project ‘Golden Wound Dressing’ from our group and led by group member Mr, Zhe Zhang won
    • Gold Award; China’s Internet+ Innovation & Entrepreneurship 2017
    • First Prize; Bank of China Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition (Macau)
    • Excellence Award; HKUST Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition (National) 
  • 2nd Prize, Natural Science Award, 2016 Macao Science and Technology Award
    (awarded to YT Wang, SP Li, MY Lee, CH Leung and CM Wang)
  • Executive Editor, Chinese Medicine (BMC;  Impact Factor ® : 1.6)
  • Editorial Board, Biotechnology Letters (Springer; Impact Factor ® 2013: 1.6)
  • Outstanding Reviewer of 2015 of Biotechnology Letters
  • Outstanding Reviewer of 2010 of Pharmaceutical Research (official journal of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, AAPS)
  • Ad hoc journal referee for peer-reviewed academic journals:
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (2016 –)
Acta Biomaterialia (2017 –)
Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews (2010 – ) Biomaterials (2009 – )
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research (2008 – ) Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine (2008 – ) Pharmaceutical Research (2010 – )
Trends in Biotechnology (2015 – )
  • Young Scientist’s Referee (certified by Editor-in-chief, Prof David F Williams, 2009), Biomaterials
  • Trustee Committee Member, International Society for Chinese Medicine (ISCM)
  • Member and Chartered Chemist, RSC (Royal Society of Chemistry)
  • Member, TERMIS (Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine International Society)
  • Representative of University of Macau at Global Young Scientists Summit 2016, Singapore

Contact Details

N22-6011, Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences,
University of Macau,
Avenida da Universidade,
Taipa, Macao SAR
Tel: +853 8822 4696
Fax: +853 2884 1358